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April 15, 2012


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Great job being the Mistress of Ceremonies today at the Dalai Lama Public Talk!

Matt Glickstein

Dear Leslie,

My name is Matt Glickstein, and our video (Lana'i Class of 2020) was featured at the Dalai Lama event today. By the way, great job emceeing and thanks for doing a nice introduction to our video. I just wanted to pass along the Youtube link to view the music video, and also share with you another music video that the students and I (again Lana'i Class of 2020) have created called "Every Day is Earth Day," which will be featured next week at Sea Life Park's Earth Day event (April 22nd). Six students and another teacher and I will be flying over for the day to participate and do a live performance of the song.

Here are the video links:

"Singing to the World:" http://youtu.be/7xXnlmitQWc

"Every Day is Earth Day:" http://youtu.be/daBNZqaOZPA

For more info, you can visit my website at http://www.mattglickstein.com, or http://www.HawaiiKidsSing.com for more about "Singing to the World."

Thanks for doing such a great job today, and I hope you enjoy the videos!


Hi Damon, good thing the event was livestreamed because it was sold-out, the seats filled with about 9,000 people who really wanted to hear what the Dalai Lama had to say. You saw that he didn't speak from a text, just shared, and he was powerful in his simplicity and clarity of thought. And he laughed gleefully many times. I was just the emcee, but on his way out, the Dalai Lama turned around and presented me with a white shawl as a blessing...Aloha, Leslie


Dear Matt, your Lanai High and Elementary Class of 2020 song and music video delighted the Dalai Lama and the audience at the Stan Sheriff Arena on Sunday. Very well done. I hope everyone reading this goes to Youtube and checks it out. Thanks for the links! Here's to you and your 4th graders...Aloha, Leslie

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