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September 30, 2009


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Leslie Lang

Good for you! I'm glad you took this stand. That was the right thing to do.

Leslie Lang

ʻOhu Gon

Well done! I ka ʻōlelo ke ola, i ka ʻōlelo ka make. In the language there is life, in the language there is death. Hawaiian words are truly important, and butchering pronunciation is becoming less and less tolerable as the language grows and people pay more attention.

Keola Donaghy

Bravo, Leslie. A great call, IMHO. I'm sure you will get some flack for it, but hope you stick by your guns and hopefully KB and his associates will fix this so that it can be broadcast.


I applaud PBS decision making on this.


Mahalo nui loa Leslie, I wish people at Disney thought like you, paid more attention to culture and language...again mahalo.

Lani Lum

Mahalo for taking a strong positive stand. We are Hawaiians living in Virginia and we make sure that people we encounter pronounce Hawaiian words properly. I sincerely hope that they make the corrections before they air it, not only in Hawaii, but anywhere at all.


Dear Leslie L, Bryson,'Ohu, Keola and Damon,
Thank you for your swift and positive feedback. It was last night that I wrote the blog item sharing with everyone PBS Hawaii's latest decision declining to air a show with a bad case of Hawaiian mispronuciation.
By 6 am as I check, there are hundreds of web hits on this entry and I'm happy to see your posted comments.
Mahalo plenty, Leslie


Maika'i no.

T. Ilihia Gionson

ʻĀ ʻoia! The major corruptions of languages other than English in media will only be stopped by folks standing up. Mahalo nui!


Mahalo nui loa e Leslie!


Mahalo nui e Leslie. I am glad to see that PBS is taking a stand on this subject matter. Proper pronunciation of the Hawaiian language especially place names is important, because the name tells a story and the history of a place and it is how we have been able to maintain generation upon generation of knowledge.


Why didn't PBS Hawaii review this program farther in advance, so that there was time to repair this instead of censoring it?

Matthew Lum

As a former employee of PBS Hawai‘i, I applaud Leslie for this courageous decision.

Leslie Wilcox

Hi Devany,
We're not censoring anything. The program is being offered to us for airing in November. We're inviting the producers to re-record the narration before the proposed air date (there's still plenty of time), so that we may present a pono production on PBS Hawaii. I sincerely hope the producers take this opportunity, because apart from the problems with pronunciation of Hawaiian place-names, they put together a fine show that we'd love to broadcast to the state...Leslie


Mahalo nui loa e Leslie. I have seen too many programs, nationally and locally in the Pacific Northwest, where the intentions were good, but no research or care was taken in the pronounciation of the Hawaiian language. Stick to your guns.


Mahalo nui, Leslie. Excellent call. Butchering the language that is the mother tongue of the subject of the show is disrespectful. It was poor judgement on the producersʻ part.

Maikaʻi nō!

Kauanoe Kamana

Mahalo nui e Leslie i kou kokua me ke kupaa. I mua me ka lanakila!

Richard Ha

I cringed when I saw it. Thanks for your courage to do the right thing
Mahalo nui

Leslie Lang

Leslie, I forgot to add: I hope you'll let us know (by blogging about it again) how this all turns out! I'm so interested to know whether the producers do the right thing.


Will do, LL. The contact info we have for them puts them on the East Coast. Maybe tomorrow we'll hear back.


mahalo no kou ku'e! mahalo for going to bat for ka olelo makuahine.. you have not only made a difference in this program, but you have brought awareness to those involved with the program (who can inform others) that there is a culture here that will not be pushed to the margins of excellence! :) hoopumehana 'ia kou manao i ka heluhelu 'ana i keia mea. :) mahalo..


Pono choice. I applaud your greatest efforts to respect and appreciate Hawai'i and its people!


mahalo plenty for sticking up!!

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